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Please bear with me…I am ranting and RAGING about episode 502:

After the incredible reunion sex, Brian reaches for a cigarette and see's Justin's storyboard art, and asks Justin, "What's this?", which is obviously him Fk'ing Connor,(not Brian as Rage)…

 photo 8573694f-a5e5-4d40-b51a-738e03689e0b_zpsdafbef50.png

and Justin goes on a roll, saying how wonderful L.A. was —  Brian says:

"It must have been quite a let down after all that"(I am crying) and Justin has that condescending look of agreement and disappointment.

QAF 502 5 It must be quite a let down after all that photo QAF5025Itmusthavebeenquitetheletdown_zpse059757c.gif

Then…Justin says, "There's one thing Pittsburgh has that Hollywood doesn't". Then Brian gets a look of relief. Good save, Justin! (Ass-Hole)

QAF 502 6 There's one thing Pittsburgh has that Hollywood doesn't photo QAF502Theresonethingpittsburghhas_zpsa0386db4.gif

Then Justin says, "If the offer still stands" (pause). Of course it still stands, you selfish prick! You act like he's your consolation prize. What did you think he was going to say? You have no place to go, nowhere to live, so you come back to Brian, who you know has ALWAYS taken you back no matter what you did to hurt him! Bastard!

QAF 502 7 The offer still stands photo QAF502Iftheofferstillstands_zps0f3a3f94.gif

I am completely enraged! Would you believe that the first time I watched this was last June? I'm angrier about it now than before! Thanks Season 5!

Love, Deborah

*P.S. that's not me in the icon. LOL!

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