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Episode 112 ~ So freaking beautiful that I had to remake them! I love vanilla ice-cream.

QAF 112 I-C-K 1 photo QAF112I-C-K1_zps737c1b2e.gif

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In August of 2002, the Queer As Folk board was added to Fan Forum. It's truly ah-mazing and a testimony of love from the fans for this beautiful show. I am proud to be a part of this fandom!

 photo d1362aa1-f372-439d-8c30-636cc66285d7_zps7d866da6.png
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Brian is helping Justin by walking with him down Liberty Avenue:

Justin grabs onto Brian

Brian: Ow!

QAF 203 6 "Ow!" photo QAF2036quotOwquot_zps1239ddb8.gif

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I love this episode so much! I find it hard to express in words, so I will let my gifs speak for me. Here's the first set. Enjoy!

The group watching Gay As Blazes at Woody's:

Brian: Where's the sucking…and where's the Fucking?
Melanie: Jesus…don't you get enough of that at home?

QAF 203 1 Well where's the sucking and the fucking photo QAF2031WellThenhellipwheresthesuckingandwheresthefking_zpscedef1d2.gif

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This is the last scene of episode 202 before we move on to 203. This has got to be one of the most beautiful scenes of the series.

QAF 202 Like the first time 1 Justin Wakes photo QAF202Likethefirsttime1Justinwakesup_zps9b7e9e6d.gif

Brian: You really freaked me out.
Justin: You?
Brian: It was like you got hit all over again.

QAF 202 Like the first time 2 It was like you got hit all over again photo QAF202Likethefirsttime2Itwaslikeyougothitalloveragain_zpse72844bf.gif

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Justin: She thought she could keep us apart (I don't want you seeing my son anymore)

QAF 202 She thought she could keep us apart photo QAF202Shethoughtshecouldkeepusapart_zps67e67ee4.gif

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Brian: She was trying to do the right thing. You don't know how lucky you are to have a mother like that.

QAF 202 She was trying to do the right thing photo QAF202Shewastryingtodotherightthing_zps392bf7d2.gif

Justin: Now I get to stay with you. Yee Ha!
Brian: Just until you get better.

 photo QAF202Justuntilyougetbetter_zpsdbd6f031.gif
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Jennifer pays a visit to Brian's loft. Even she could not deny the beauty Brian possessed…

QAF 202 Jen See's Brian at his loft photo QAF202JenwalksinBriansloft_zps31d0d158.gif

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Jennifer: I want you to take my son.

QAF 202 I want you to take my son 2 photo QAF202Iwantyoutotakemyson1_zpse1b1f501.gif

Brian: What would you like me to do?
Jennifer: Touch him.

QAF 202 I want you to take my son 3 photo QAF202Whatwouldyoulikemetodo_zps7d2946d1.gif

Brian: You want me to fuck him?

QAF 202 I want you to take my son 4 photo QAF202YouwantmetoFKhim_zps314eae0a.gif

…More later
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Justin: I'm glad it's you.
Brian: Who else would it be?

QAF 202 I'm glad it's you. Who else would it be? photo QAF202WhoElseWouldItBe_zpsfc3d5979.gif

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Brian: Where you goin'?
Justin: In.
Brian: Did I say you could?

QAF 202 Where are you going? In. photo QAF202WhereyougoingIn_zpsa626d8df.gif

Justin: Don't give me any shit, alright? I nearly freaked out five times getting here.
Brian: Well you're gonna have to nearly freak out five more times getting home.

QAF 202 Don't give me shit photo QAF202DontGiveMeSThellipokay_zpsd5293134.gif

Justin: I want to see you.
Brian: Well you can't. Okay?

QAF 202 I want to see you. Well you can't. photo QAF202IWantToSeeYouhellipwellyoucant_zps5f423cc3.gif

Justin: Why not? Are you fucking some guy?
Brian: It's none of your fucking business.

QAF 202 Why? Are you fucking some guy? photo QAF202Whyareyoufkingsomeguy_zpsfdd853f2.gif

Brian: Now go away.

QAF 202 Now Go Away photo QAF202NowGoAway_zps068061dd.gif
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Our wonderful QAF FanForum Board just finished watching S1 and have just begun S2! I cannot believe that 22 weeks have gone by so quickly. But thanks to the dedicated members and ([ profile] weenlau for starting it), we have done just that. We've had LOTS of great discussions, reviews, caps and GIFs along the way…but most of all, we've developed new friendships through our love for this Fandom.

Here are a few highlights!

QAF 101 I can change that 5 photo QAF101WhereYouHeaded5_zps77f583e8.gif

QAF 103 Ted and Blake photo QAF103BlakeandTed_zpsa716ad5e.gif

QAF 104 Straight to number one photo QAF104StraighttoMikeysroom_zpsc7862288.gif

QAF 105 And I Still Love You photo QAF105Imstillyourmother_zps31adf4de.gif

QAF 120 KOB Brian Reacts photo QAF120KOBBriansReaction_zps0ae7f086.gif

QAF 122 Last Dance photo QAF122LastDanceKiss_zps3cb8b68a.gif

QAF 122 photo QAF122BrianCrying_zps700f86ad.gif
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204 Pride

QAF 204 Pride Dance 1 photo QAF204quotHeyStudquotJustinkissesBriansshoulder_zpsa6e7a6e2.gif

"Hey Stud…you wanna dance?" J: "Shut up."

QAF 204 Pride Dance 3 photo QAF204HeyStudhellipwannadance_zps8ac1724c.gif

"I promise you won't forget this one."

QAF 204 Pride Dance 4 photo QAF204Ipromisethatyouwontforgetthisone_zps5e4e843b.gif

QAF 204 Pride Dance 6 photo QAF204WannaDancehellipdance_zpsbcf4627b.gif

QAF 204 Pride Dance 7 photo QAF204WannaDanceKiss_zpsbea9813b.gif
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Neil Patrick Harris is my Man-Crush Monday and Hedwig is my Woman-Crush Wednesday!

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120 ~ I loved the entire KoB competition arc, but this scene was priceless. The interaction between all of the guys was perfect. The one-liners of Emmett and Ted had me laughing out loud and Brian and Michaels reaction to Justin was fantastic!

"I told him that he could see me in his dreams." ~ Justin

QAF 120 Mikey's reaction to Justin's comment photo QAF120MikeysreactiontoJustinscomment_zpsb8a28fcd.gif

For good measure…just because:

QAF 120 KOB Contest Justin Dancing 2 photo QAF120KOBContestJustin1_zps963070ff.gif

QAF 120 KOB Contest Justin Dancing 4 photo QAF120KOBContestJustin2_zps59e3e3e5.gif
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I haven't posted any beautiful QAF stuff for a while now. When I updated some video software on my computer, it incapacitated my ability to make more images. I was locked out for 10 days!!! Thanks to a really nice guy at DivX, who took the time to call me back…I was able to get up and running again!

So without further ado…

On the QAF boards we just finished episode 118, so these are from that episode…a couple of beautiful B/J moments and solo Justin moment!

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 photo picgifs-happy-birthday-512882_zps86c36e3e.gif

Happy Birthday [ profile] sfscarlet
I hope you have an Ah~mazing day!

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First I'd like to say, my LJ name is the name of my "Book Boyfriend". When I click on my friends page, coincidentally, the picture of Devin Paisley (the model and #1 pick for Kellan) is on the background for that feed. I didn't put it there. Is this something that LJ grabs based on keywords?

I don't mind, because I love Devin, but I just thought it was entirely random.

Devin Paisley Kellan Kyle photo pa2-jpg_zpsb8ebf658.jpg
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One of my sons and my daughter giving me one more laugh of the night!

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I just wanted to wish all of my wonderful sisters in QAF, a fantastic Mother's Day!

I got one of the most hysterical, wonderful, thoughtful gifts from my daughter! I was dying of laughter! OMG…she knows me SOOO well and she even used my Fan Forum username! My hubby must have a great sense of humor!!

From Samantha photo Image_zps7beffe6b.jpg

From Samantha photo Image2_zpsf68ca6dd.jpg
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I just wanted to share that the Queer As Folk Board on Fan Forum has reached 350,000 posts today! If you can… stop by and help us celebrate!…next-stop-400-000-a-63122958/

 photo 6bcfe995-4330-49b5-91e7-707f710b7de8_zps1d01a075.png

 photo 45bbb298-f2be-427d-bc1d-2998977f538c_zps70673ca0.jpg

Resize 500 photo a04651f5-03b8-47d0-a20a-3ac6ee6b3527_zps0ca51c09.jpg

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